Continuity Management

A Continuity Management program is smart business - it provides assurance to customers, business partners, employees and shareholders that your business is prepared to serve their needs. We've developed an exceptional, common sense approach to Continuity Management programs:

  • Business Continuity
  • Technology/Disaster Recovery
  • Crisis Communication
  • Emergency Action Plans
  • Pandemic Preparedness
  • Cyber Incident Response Plan
The FDI Approach

Custom Continuity Management Program Development

- Our professionals focus on identifying the functions, processes and resources critical to your operations, while also identifying your risk exposure and the associated vulnerabilities. We work with our clients to develop comprehensive business continuity strategies necessary to resume and sustain critical operations if an unplanned event occurs. Our approach is a cost-effective alternative to other, more expensive service providers in the market.

Customized Continuity Management Component Testing (Exercises)

- Our professionals work closely with our Customer to develop, facilitate and/or document testing of one or more specific components of their Continuity Management Program.  This activity may require structured walkthrough or training, tabletop or simulation style of session(s).  All of this will be documented, and an After-Action Report will provide documentation of the event. 

BCPro™ Software

- The BCPro software enables an organization to create a self-guided business continuity program. The BCPro™ toolset, based on our proprietary methodology, has been developed and is continually updated to meet industry best practices.

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